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6 BOX $39 SPECIAL MIXER - 14-15 UD CUP, 15-16 TRILOGY 15-16 UD ICE, 14-15 ULTIMATE, 14-15 SPGU, 16-17 S1 TIN

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Break Number


Break Type


Scheduled Break Time

December 19, 2016 at 11:00pm

BREAK DATE Monday December 19 @ 11:00pm (EST) on **




Boxes in the Break:

1x 14-15 UD THE CUP

1x 14-15 UD ULTIMATE

1x 15-16 UD TRILOGY

1x 15-16 UD ICE

1x 14-15 SP GAME USED

1x 16-17 UD Series 1 TIN





Netrider54 (Slot #8) 1. Calgary Flames
Deathdealer (Slot #30) 2. Philadelphia Flyers
Codyd16 (Slot #14) 3. New Jersey Devils
Big Garr88 (Slot #16) 4. Anaheim Ducks
Big Garr88 (Slot #19) 5. Chicago Blackhawks
Shane_thomp (Slot #29) 6. Winnipeg Jets
dmedoro (Slot #21) 7. Washington Capitals
Big Garr88 (Slot #20) 8. Colorado Avalanche
dale8044 (Slot #24) 9. Detroit Red Wings
alantaylor1981 (Slot #6) 10. Boston Bruins
LeeJ0nes (Slot #25) 11. Montreal Canadiens
NikoSauve(aka/hockeycardniko) (Slot #10) 12. Vancouver Canucks
Boots12 (Slot #23) 13. Minnesota Wild
Deathdealer (Slot #2) 14. Nashville Predators
knitchie (Slot #17) 15. St Louis Blues
Joel Carry (Slot #22) 16. New York Islanders
Boots12 (Slot #13) 17. Florida Panthers
abull454 (Slot #4) 18. Ottawa Senators
Codyd16 (Slot #27) 19. Los Angeles Kings
Stockexchanges (Slot #1) 20. Tampa Bay Lightning
romar1967 (Slot #11) 21. Pittsburgh Penguins
Travisty-ig (Slot #5) 22. Carolina Hurricanes
iancar (Slot #15) 23. Toronto Maple Leafs
embrunsbest (Slot #26) 24. Buffalo Sabres
Joel Carry (Slot #7) 25. Dallas Stars
Big Garr88 (Slot #18) 26. Edmonton Oilers
knitchie (Slot #9) 27. Columbus Blue Jackets
LeeJ0nes (Slot #12) 28. San Jose Sharks
Ando5051 (Slot #3) 29. New York Rangers
stiffy71 (Slot #28 30. Arizona Coyotes


30 TOTAL SPOTS AT $39.00 CDN / $31.00 USD PER SPOT. If you wish to be invoices directly for USD please email: with your spot number reservation. ALL SPOT PRICES INCLUDES APPLICABLE SALES TAX.


Everyone in the break will be randomized <x> times to determine which TEAM PAIRING order they will be in. Where <X> will be determined by the twice roll, if we roll a one we will re roll the dice one more time and add the one to the next roll.

Example: first roll is a ONE, second roll his a FOUR. Total Random will be FIVE.

In the event of a multi player card with two different teams, each team will be put into <X>times each and random <X> times and the team on top after the random will receive the multi player card. <X> will be the number of dice rolls determined at start of the break for our