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10 BOX MID -HIGH END MIXER #2 RB /w 15-16 Superlative, 2x UD Buyback, 2x Artifacts, Full Force, Masterpieces UD Ultimate,2x S1 Wally Blaster) + GIVEAWAYS: LEAF VEGAS SUMMIT n MCDAVID BOX COLLECTION

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Break Number


Break Type


Scheduled Break Time

December 13, 2015 at 11:45pm

BREAK DATE Sunday December 13th @ 6:45pm (EST) on **



Boxes in the Break: 

1x 15-16 Leaf Superlative (Second Box From Sealed Case)

2x 15-16 UD Buyback Packs

2x 15-16 UD Artifacts

1x 15-16 UD Full Force Hobby

1x 14-15 UD Masterpieces Hobby

1x 13-14 UD Ultimate

2x 15-16 UD Series 1 Blaster (Walmart Exclusive Blaster /w Parkhurst Pack 2-3 YG)


 *BONUS: ONE PERSON IN THE BREAK WILL WIN A 2015 LEAF VEGAS SUMMIT WHITE BOX and One person will win a sealed box of the new 15-16 UD Connor McDavid Collection. Everyone in the break will be random at the end of the break. Each 10 Box Mixer Break on December 13th will have ONE winner from each break for a sealed 2015 Leaf Vegas Summit Box.

Spot #1: Will receive the 2015 Leaf Vegas Summit Box, Spot #2 Will receive a new 15-16 UD Connor McDavid Collection Box Set. – Shipping Costs will be extra to ship sealed to winners.



1. paulywalnuts (Slot #5) 1. Winnipeg Jets
2. Delirium12 (Slot #27) 2. Calgary Flames
3. Whitetailwiseguy (Slot #8) 3. Anaheim Ducks
4. gmoneygp (Slot #3) 4. St Louis Blues
5. Edjr3 (Slot #13) 5. New York Rangers
6. richielip (Slot #21) 6. Boston Bruins
7. Ando5051 (Slot #26) 7. Chicago Blackhawks
8. maya33 (Slot #24) 8. Florida Panthers
9. Whitetailwiseguy (Slot #20) 9. Toronto Maple Leafs
10. taliababa (Slot #11) 10. New York Islanders
11. ping9iron (Slot #9) 11. Pittsburgh Penguins
12. Stockexchanges (Slot #19) 12. Nashville Predators
13. Hawkoil19 (Slot #14) 13. Colorado Avalanche
14. richielip (Slot #22) 14. Buffalo Sabres
15. 4144mike (Slot #4) 15. Tampa Bay Lightning
16. tadahl86 (Slot #18) 16. Edmonton Oilers
17. paulywalnuts (Slot #16) 17. Los Angeles Kings
18. Iroxusox (Slot #1) 18. Washington Capitals
19. valenceeffect (Slot #23) 19. Ottawa Senators
20. taliababa (Slot #12) 20. Detroit Red Wings
21. cdnvetteguy (Slot #7) 21. Columbus Blue Jackets
22. siuc91 (Slot #28) 22. San Jose Sharks
23. 4144mike (Slot #25) 23. Philadelphia Flyers
24. siuc91 (Slot #17) 24. Montreal Canadiens
25. siuc91 (Slot #6) 25. Carolina Hurricanes
26. richielip (Slot #2) 26. Vancouver Canucks
27. Hawkoil19 (Slot #10) 27. New Jersey Devils
28. paulywalnuts (Slot #15) 28. Dallas Stars/Minnesota Wild
29. gilroy (Slot #29) 29. Arizona Coyotes

29 TOTAL SPOTS AT $53.00 CDN / $41.00 USD PER SPOT. If you wish to be invoices directly for USD please email: with your spot number reservation. ALL SPOT PRICES INCLUDES APPLICABLE SALES TAX.

TWO COMBO TEAMS: Minnesota Wild + Dallas Stars

Everyone in the break will be randomized <x> times to determine which TEAM PAIRING order they will be in. Where <X> will be determined by the twice roll, if we roll a one we will re roll the dice one more time and add the one to the next roll.

Example: first roll is a ONE, second roll his a FOUR. Total Random will be FIVE.

In the event of a multi player card with two different teams, each team will be put into <X>times each and random <X> times and the team on top after the random will receive the multi player card. <X> will be the number of dice rolls determined at start of the break for our