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14-15 UD Trilogy 8 Box Inner Case BREAK TEAM SELECT #1 + BONUS

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Break Number


Break Type

Team Select

Scheduled Break Time

January 28, 2015 at 8:45pm




14-15 UD Trilogy 8 Box Inner Case TEAM SELECT. ALL 30 NHL TEAMS. This is a pre-priced team select as we have yet to see the UD Trilogy Checklist for player, please purchase your accordingly. Please see team pricing below.


Release Date: January 28th. This break will take place at 5:45pm (PST) /  8:45pm (EST)


Bonuses: THREE 14-15 UD Tribute 25th ANNIVERSARY YOUNG GUNS AND ONE UD National Convention PACK will be randomed off to everyone in the break.


5 Cards per Pack
9 Packs per Box
8 Boxes per Inner Shipper


ØThree Rookie Card Subsets!
ØThree Awesome RC Parallels, with Increased Values to Each Level!
ØThree Tiers of Trilogy Crystal Plexi-glass Rookie cards!
Ø(NEW) Tryptich Relics – Where 3 Card Combos (of 1 player or 3) can Create Stunning 3-Card Displays!
ØThree Categories of Signature Pucks!
ØThree Collectible Base card Parallels, All Numbered!

The Best from Last Year Meets an Array of Exclusive, New Content
Collect Common, Uncommon Auto and Rare Inscribed Autograph Rookie Cards!
oIn Unique Fashion, all 33 Players are Showcased in All 3 Levels!
oAll Three Subsets are Positioned to Deliver Key Value!
With Blue, Red & Black RC Parallels, Low-Numbered Hits will be in Abundance!
Find Ever-Popular Crystal Plexi-Glass cards!
oA Trio of Freshmen-Based ‘Premiere’ Tiers Enhance the Collecting Experience!
oBase Level Hits are #’d to 275!
(NEW) Grab Hold of  Tryptich Relics!
oMemorabilia and Autograph Cards which Form Unique Combinations!
oPut Together Jersey, Patch and Autograph Combos!
oLook for Superstars (i.e. Gretzky) on 3 Teams!
oOr Teammate/Position Combos, Sure to Grab Anyone’s Attention!
Look for Signature Pucks!
oFeaturing Primary, Retro and NHL Shield Logos!
The Popular Ice Scripts Return!
oAutographs on Plexi-Glass – Cool, Cool Collectibles!
Grab Base Card Parallels!
oBlue versions are #’d to a career stat!
oRed versions are #’d to a key ’13-14 stat!
oBlack versions are #’d to just 3!

Rookie Cards + Parallels
oLevel 1 Rookies – #’d to 799
oLevel 2 Auto Rookies – #’d to 399
oLevel 3 Inscribed Auto Rookies – #’d to 49
oTriple Rookie Auto – #’d to 25
oLevel 1 Rookies, Blue // – #’d to 499
oLevel 2 Auto Rookies, Blue // – #’d to 225
oLevel 3 Inscribed Auto Rookies, Blue // – #’d to 15
oTriple Rookie Auto, Blue // – #’d to 5
oLevel 1 Rookies, Red // – #’d to 199
oLevel 2 Auto Rookies, Red // – #’d to 99
oLevel 3 Inscribed Auto Rookies, Red // – #’d to 5
oTriple Rookie Auto, Red // – #’d to 3
oLevel 1 Rookies, Black // – #’d to 3
oLevel 2 Auto Rookies, Black // – #’d to 2
oLevel 3 Inscribed Auto Rookies, Black // – #’d 1-of-1
oTriple Rookie Auto, Black // – #’d 1-of-1
(NEW) Mega-Hits!
oTryptich Relics – Jersey – inserted 1:7
oTryptich Relics – Patch/Stick, etc. – inserted 1:42
oTryptich Signatures – inserted 1:140
Autographed Pucks!
oSignature Pucks – inserted 1:14
oSignature Pucks, Retro Logos – #’d to 14
oSignature Pucks, NHL Shield Logo – #’d to 3
Signed Plexi-Glass!
oIce Scripts – inserted 1:48
More Plexi-Glass!
oTrilogy Crystal – Base – #’d to 275
oTrilogy Crystal – Premiere, Tier 1 – #’d to 399
oTrilogy Crystal – Premiere, Tier 2 – #’d to 249
oTrilogy Crystal – Premiere, Tier 3 – #’d to 125

Base Card Parallels
oRegular Cards, Rainbow Blue //– #’d to career stat
oRegular Cards, Rainbow Red //– #’d to ’13-14 stat
oRegular Cards, Rainbow Black //– #’d to 3
Regular Cards
o100 Regular Cards